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The Administration of MMM does not see the work of some participants who have received the Guilder state. That's why we take measures.

Now to become Guilder in the MMM  Community the participants must:

1. To study in Managers School

2. To register not less than 10 persons, 3 of which get help

3. To organize at least 1 home meeting or offline event, to send photos or video to confirm it

4. To record the video on its studies in MMM  Managers School

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If you want to provide or get help with your bank account, not with BTC, you should write all your bank account details so that other participants can see where send the money.

If you do not fill all spaces in the form of account creation - another participant can not see where send the help and the system will block you, and you will receive this message in your PO

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How to write Letters of Happiness


To obtain bonus for the  letter of happiness or for testimonial, it is necessary to write and to record it correctly. In another case, the moderators will not be able to approve your letters of happiness and videos.

Letters of Happiness

The letter should be contained necessarily the items specified in the requirements:

1) Name or nickname

2) Status (participant or manager of a certain rank)

3) Name of the structure and country of residence

4) the date and the sum of provided assistance

5) the sum and the date of received assistance.

6) your text

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What’s it like to live a debt-free life?


Loans are, in fact, financial slavery into which we are put by banks. Debt-free people live for their own pleasure, since they don’t owe anyone. About advantages that a debt-free life gives - read here.

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MMM news digest — 13.11.2017


Welcome, dear friends! :-)) Another week of November has ended, and today we will make a summary the past events. You will get to know a lot of interesting information about thing happened in the last seven days on our MMM planet.

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How 30 minutes a day may help you change life


To attain success, it’s necessary to permanently develop in all respects. If you can’t find the time for self improvement due to a heavy agenda, use the half hour theory. For more details refer to the article.

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Absurd taxes as a way to make money using people


Throughout history people suffer from different taxes invented by the governors. Sometimes these taxes go beyond common sense and morality reaching absurd lengths. Details can be found in the article. 

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Does Bitcoin turn into a real currency?


Bitcoin is coming ever deeper into daily life of common people. Nowadays many consider it not only as a means for investment but as an settlement means too when carrying out financial operations. For more details, read here.

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